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KetoGenic Diet - A personal experience series #4 - HACKS AND TIPS

By Michael B February 06, 2019 0 comments

In my experience there has been a few tricks and methods that have worked for me to get into ketosis quicker.  One of my favorite is something called intermittent fasting.  This is when you do not eat for a extended period of time and only eat during certain "feeding windows".  While you can use this method to help weight loss without doing the keto diet, I have found that combining them helps accelerate results.  

Intermittent Fasting

There are many variations of this method.  Some do a 16 hr fast with 8 hr feeding window (what i personally use), some do longer fasting windows even up to doing a full fast day once or twice a week.  You can experiment with what works for you.  As always consult your doctor before starting any major diet changes.

What works for me is a 16 hr fast 8 hr feeding window.  For me I do not eat past 8pm and then skip breakfast and then eat from noon to 8pm again.  You can have coffee during a fast and is usually what i drink in the morning.  Many people make the mistake of eating whatever they want during their feeding window.  You still need to mind your macros and calories to get the best results.  Please refer to my previous post here for how to track macros.  I perform this routine daily and surprisingly do not feel hungry during the fast.

Extreme Low Carb

Another trick I like to perform is to have a day that I eat almost no carbs, strictly meat/oils/cheeses etc.  This usually gets me into ketosis quicker.   I have found this to work well especially after a day(s) you might of indulged and got kicked out of ketosis. Again its key to track how much carbs you have during these days and also test your ketone levels to confirm it works for you.

As you can see you can use some tricks to help accelerate you results.  The two mentioned above have worked for me and you can use your own variations and combinations for best results.

One trick I DO NOT recommend is the use of artificial ketones. One reason is they very expensive. Another reason is this is essentially just tricking your body and as soon as it wears off your ketone levels will drop again. My belief is if you are changing your body chemistry it should be naturally so it can properly adjust and change.  By introducing artificial chemicals it might respond unnaturally causing you complications.

I hope these posts have helped to better explain the ketogenic diet for you.  If you have any questions , feel free to post on this blog and I will respond to the posts. I would love to hear other experiences and tricks from the keto diet.



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