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KetoGenic Diet - A personal experience series - Overview

By Michael B February 01, 2019 0 comments

I have had my experiences of diets throughout my life.  From a young age of making weight for pop warner football every year to losing the post high school/college weight.  Most diets worked well to an extent.. But after trying the ketogenic "Keto" diet 3 yrs ago, I will most likely not try another diet. 

This is a multi-part series detailing my personal experience while on the diet.  For those of you not familiar with the diet ( you should be by now with all the hype), I will summarize.

KetoGenic Diet Overview:


Fat: ~75 Percent

Protein: ~15  Percent

Carbohydrates: ~5 Percent

Mainly this comes out to approx 25 NET carbs a day or less to obtain a state of ketosis.  This is when fat is converted by the liver into ketones which can then be used as an energy source, replacing carbohydrates. I will not get into much more specific medical details of this process as there is a overload of information about it on the internet.  This series is more to explain what has worked for me and my personal experiences.

As you can see the diet is very restrictive in its carb content, this is for a reason to enter the state of ketosis (fat burning). Of course this means no bread/grains or sugars.  You can eat leafy greens and vegetables as long as you meat the macro percentages above.  Meats/Fats  also make up a good portion of the diet.  Your mileage may vary , some people can eat a few more carbs and still be in ketosis and others must eat a little less.  I have also seen that physical activity can allow more carbs to be consumed, more on this later in the series....

You may think "I will be hungry!" , but this usually isn't the case. As you adjust to the diet and become 'fat adapted' in which you burn fat efficiently, you will notice your hunger subside.  Since your blood sugar no longer has spikes you will no longer experience crashing and binge spells. You will also see your energy improve as well as mental clarity.

This is just an overview of the diet.  In future articles I will detail :

  1. Ways to know your in ketosis (testing)
  2. Personal observations and hacks
  3. Variations of the diet (cycling and intermittent fasting)
  4. What you can and cannot (most of the time) eat

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