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BodyCraft T3 Total Training Tower - Fitness Gear


BodyCraft T3 Total Training Tower

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The BODYCRAFT T3 certainly is a Total Training Tower! You can work every muscle in your body using over 100 various exercises!


T3 includes:

  • Exercise Poster
  • 3 Sets of progressive resistance Power Bands
  • 55 cm anti-burst Stability Ball
  • Adjustable Hanging Ab Slings

Built For You

Bodyweight Training

  • Pull ups
    the Complete Chin Bar allows for every hand grips position
  • Dips
    the comfortable, oversized dip handles are angled for variety of workout positions
  • Push Ups
    another comfortable, oversized set of handles at the bottom
  • Reverse Dips
    using the lower set of Handles, feet on the floor, or on the Stability Ball
  • Reverse Hyperextensions
    using the Stability Ball in its holder
  • And more!

Core Training

  • Hanging Knee Raises
    extra wide Ab Slings are adjustable up & down, and front-to-back for your comfort and ability level
  • Self Supported Knee Raises
    perform Leg Raises while supporting yourself on the Dip Handles
  • Oblique Raises
    the Dip Handles fold up so you can raise your knees to the side, or twist
  • Planks
    at a variety of angles using different combinations of Stability Ball and Lower Handles
  • Stability Ball Crunches
    Remove the 55 cm anti-burst Stability Ball from its Holder
  • Oblique Twists with Power Band
    Attach a Power Band to the mid-hook Twists and Wood Chops
  • And more!

Stability Ball Training

  • Trunk Curls
  • Back Extensions
  • Reverse Curls
  • Squats Against a Wall
  • Power Band Exercises while sitting on Stability Ball
  • Stretching
  • And more!

Power Band Training

  • Pressing Exercises at any angle
  • Pulling Exercises at any angle
  • Leg lifts, Extensions, and Curls
  • Full Body exercises such as Lunges or Squats
  • Power Bands can be used to assist Dips or Pull Ups


  • Heavy Duty 1/4" Plate and 12 Gauge Frame
  • Unit Dimensions: 45" W x 47" D x 83" H
  • Unit Weight: 114lbs
  • Built-in mounting holes to secure to floor for advanced Exercises

Ab Slings

  • Padded and 8 inches wide for comfortable support
  • Adjustable both in height and front-to-back to fit your body and fit level

Stability Ball:

  • Anti-Burst, 55cm

Ab Slings

  • Padded and 8 inches wide for comfortable support
  • Adjustable both in height and front-to-back to fit your body and fit level

Power Bands

  • Top quality Latex
  • Three sets with incrementally higher resistance


  • Light Commercial Warranty*
    10 Years Frame
    2 Years Parts
    90 Days Power Bands, Stability Ball, Ab Slings
  • Residential Warranty*
    Lifetime Frame (lifetime of original owner)
    Lifetime Parts
    90 Days Power Bands
    1 Year Stability Ball

*Warranty applies to defects in materials and workmanship. Does not apply to normal wear and tear. See manual for details.

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