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Equilibrium ActiveWear - Legging 7004 Geo Multicolor - Fitness Gear

Equilibrium ActiveWear

Equilibrium ActiveWear - Legging 7004 Geo Multicolor

$ 83.90
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  • Leggings for every occasion. From the gym to the carpool line and beyond.  Throw these on, put your hair up in a bun and conquer the day. You got this, girl.

  • Throw it way back in these 90s inspired Geo Multicolor leggings. Beautiful colors and round cutouts finish off the look. Just throw your hair in a scrunchie, and like Madonna said “let your body move to the music.”




Small: Fits 31-34 Bust:A-C

Medium: Fits 34-36 Bust:B-C

Medium/Large: Fits 38-40 Bust:C-DD


Small: Fits 0-4 inSeam:31 1/2"

Medium: Fits 4-6 inSeam:32 1/2"

Medium/Large: Fits 8-10 inSeam:33 1/2"


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