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Valor AB-Mat Abmat with Pad - Fitness Gear


Valor AB-Mat Abmat with Pad

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AB-Mat The Valor Fitness Ab-Mat is an essential abdominal training piece of equipment with a detachable extended pad for additional stability as well as comfort for your lower back and tailbone. Lying on the mat allows the elongation of the spine lengthening the abdominal muscles for a more effective exercise. Improvements in a variety of exercises isolate upper and/or lower abs, as well as the oblique’s and lower back muscles. It features an ergonomically correct contoured design that will allow your back to be supported and comfortable as well as a high quality textured bottom to ensure no movement of the pad while in use. With its intended purpose being for abdominal exercises, the detachable pad can also be used to cushion your knees while performing lunges as well as a cushion for your head while performing hand stand pushups. 



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