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Valor Fitness BPP-45 45lb. Bumper Plate Pro (1) - Fitness Gear


Valor Fitness BPP-45 45lb. Bumper Plate Pro (1)

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Bumper Plate Pro: Solid Rubber Bumper Plates

Premium Bumper Plates are designed for Olympic style platform lifts. Each solid rubber bumper plate is the same diameter as an Olympic 45 lb. weight plate. Chrome center insert reinforces hole and protects bars.

Bumper Plates are made with high-quality, composite rubber that is easier on your hands and safer for your floors.

These bumper plates are full rubber with stainless steel inserts. They are designed for the Olympic lifts, but they are also great for the slow lifts- deadlift, squat, etc. The rubber makes for a quiet lifting session- even when dropped from overhead!

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