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Valor Fitness CB-31 Arm / Tricep Machine - Fitness Gear


Valor Fitness CB-31 Arm / Tricep Machine

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Triceps can be a difficult muscle group to target, but the Valor Fitness CB-31 Arm/Triceps Machine is focused on doing just that. Seat and Hand grip by popper pin adjustment allow for the user to find that perfect position while training. Resistance dial with 28 positions to strengthen and tone the muscles. Using the proper form is essential to working the muscles most efficiently.

Position 1: Triceps- weight is behind peg / arm bar is set high (above arm pad)
Position 2: Biceps- weight is in front of the peg / arm bar is set low (in front of machine)

Caution! Make sure that machine is in "resting position" before removing weights, as not to allow machine arms to swing up and make contact with user's face/torso unintentionally. Both arm grip and the plate arm should be down as shown above.

7 Seat Adjustment options: 17.5" to 23.5" H (from top of pad to floor)
28 position wheel for hand grips
Frame measures 2.75"x2" and 2"x2"
Assembled Dimensions: 39"L x 43"W x 41"H (resting)

Start with a lighter weight plate if you are new to working your triceps. Increase the weight gradually as you become more comfortable with the workouts. Adjust the seat pad and the chest pad for the correct positioning of your body. Get into position and grip the handle with both hands. Keep your body still and head still, move only your elbows – not your shoulders – to focus the move on your triceps. Your palms should be facing up. Lift your hands and pull back towards your chest in a controlled movement. Start with 10 repetitions and work your way up to at least three sets of 10. For toned muscle, use lighter weights with more repetitions. For a more bulky muscle, use a higher weight with fewer repetitions.


We loaded our CB-31 seat portion with over 400lbs of weight plates. We feel comfortable for a user of less than 400lbs utilizing the seat of this particular product. The weight peg is only 9" long, so the user will max out on weight just based on space alone. A Valor Fitness BPX-55lb plate measures 2.5" wide, so the peg would only fit 3 plates totaling 165lbs.

*Use caution when loading over 120lbs on the weight peg, as the unit may tip forward if the user is not in the seated position on the pad.

Shipping Specs:
box 1: 65lbs / 39"L x 25"W x 7"H
box 2: 12lbs / 10"L x 10"W x 11"H

-12g steel frame with vinyl covered seat/ arm pads
-rubber base caps to protect flooring (qty 3)
-popper pin adjustable seat pad
-popper pin adjustable dial (28)
-ergonomic arm/ chest pad
-ergonomic hand grips
-standard or Olympic plates

Assembled Dimensions:
39"L x 43"W x 41"H (resting)

3 Year Frame Warranty
2 Year Pad Warranty
1 Year Popper Pin Warranty

Max Weight Load:
400lbs on seat (users weight max)
150lbs on weight arm (space restriction)
Olympic plate adapter is 9"L


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