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Valor Fitness Counter Balance for BE-11  BE11-CB - Fitness Gear


Valor Fitness Counter Balance for BE-11 BE11-CB

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Installation Instructions:

1. Prep the Counter Balance Weights. Make sure the cable are securely fastened to the counter balance weights.
2. Remove one of the Steel Chrome Bar catches from both the left and right side of the machine. Pick one in the middle area.
3. Find a long screw driver or any form of strong device that will prevent the counter balance weight from sliding all the way down as you lower the weight down the shaft. The directions will explain in detail a few more steps into this manual.
4. Raise the Olympic Bar along with the carriages to a position about chest high for you. This will allow you to be in a comfortable position when attaching the counter balance cable.
5. Remove part #14 (50100 tube plug) from the Smith Machine. This is the top plastic cap at the top of the frame. Be careful not to drop this down the shaft.
6. Remove the part #18 (pulley) along with the nuts and bolts. Be careful not to drop these parts down the shaft.
7. Gently, lower the counter balance weight down the shaft of the main frame. You want to have the weight come in contact with the item you placed in the hole were you removed the chrome pin. This will allow the weight to stop about half way down and leave some slack in the cable while you attach it to the carriage. It is difficult to attach the cable when there is so much tension.
8. Thread the cable end back under the place where the pulley is located.
9. Place the pulley back in its original position and make sure the cable is correctly seated inside the pulley and leading down to the carriage.
10. On the inside of the carriage, you will see a hole for a nut to be inserted. Locate your M8 x 20 size bolt and be ready to attach the cable.
11. Pull the cable down to the carriage and attach the cable.

Note: Make sure the cable is not twisted. If you let the cable naturally dangle from the top of the frame you will be able to see if the cable wants to untwist itself. Rotate the cable so it is in the most relaxed state possible.

12. Attach the cable with the M8 x 20 Bolt.
13. Lower the Olympic Bar and Carriage so tension on the cable lifts the weights upward.
14. Remove the metal devise you used to secure the weights from sliding all the way down and replace the chrome safety pegs.
15. To test your counter weights, move the Olympic bar up and down to confirm it was assembled correctly. There should not be any banging against the chrome pegs.


Shipping Dimensions:

41lbs 24"L x 8"W x 8"H

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