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Valor Fitness DF-2 Decline/Flat Bench - Fitness Gear


Valor Fitness DF-2 Decline/Flat Bench

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The DF-2 Valor Fitness Decline/Flat Bench was built for the multiple strength equipment user in mind.

This bench will adjust to anyone’s fitness routine. Decline position or flat position, this unit offers a wide range of adjustable options such as a calf pad for comfort, adjustable ankle bar for support, wide seat cushion for stability, and reinforced steel back braces for safety. 250 lb user capacity.

2.5" thick continuous back support pad 47-1/4" in length, tapering from 14" to 10" in width. Pad is 18.5" from floor in flat position.

5 adjustable positions from flat to decline with popper pin. Ankle support adjusts two ways, length and depth for longer legs and comfort.

2" x 2" frame with 4 rubber base caps to protect flooring.

Flat Exercises

When it comes to flat-bench exercises, the bench press is considered king of the chest moves. It's a power lifting exercise and develops the musculature in your chest, shoulders and arms, stabilizes your shoulders and teaches full-body tension. People often emphasize bench presses too often though, notes trainer Charles Poliquin, who advises that at least 50 percent of your pressing exercises should be performed using dumbbells, as these offer a more natural movement pattern. Alternatively, if you don't have access to an adjustable bench, perform one-armed push-ups. These are also classed as a flat movement, but they train your shoulder stabilizers more than bench or dumbbell presses and make you increase muscular tension.

Decline Exercises

Just as incline exercises hit your upper chest, decline exercises prioritize the lower part. When bench pressing on a decline, the bar should touch lower on your chest, advises corrective exercise specialist and power lifter Mike Robertson. To perform push-ups as a decline move, set a bar in a power rack or Smith machine to waist height and perform push-ups with your hands on it. If you don't have a specialist decline bench for bench presses, dumbbell presses or fly's, use a flat bench with the front end raised slightly on a set of aerobic steps.


• Steel frame measuring: 2” X 2”
• High density, taperd, dual-layer pads measuring 32" x 12/10" x 2" and 16" x 14/13" x 2"
• 3 position high density feet support roller pads allows for 2" adjustment range
• 4 incline positions as well as flat position
• Solid steel pivot points
• Locking pull-pins for adjustments
• Pad height in flat position(floor to top of pad)18"
• Rubber base caps measuring 3.25" x 2.5"
• Assembly is required

Recommended Max Weight

• Carton size/weight: 49" x 16" x 9" / 62 lbs
• Assembled Dimensions: 50" x 19" x 35"

Manufacturers Warranty
• 3 Year Frame
• 2 Year Pad
• 1 Year Popper Pin

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