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Valor Fitness Improved Deluxe Squat Stands - Fitness Gear


Valor Fitness Improved Deluxe Squat Stands

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Features / Benefits
• Solid Expandable Base with each base covering 400 square inches of surface.
• 42.75" Upright Posts.
• 5" back plate to catch bar as lifter maneuvers back to stand.
• Storage Peg for plate storage and stability.
• Adjustable base for larger footprint adding more stability
• 2.5" mouth opening for bar support
• Safety spotters on each post can be adjusted accordingly.
• Range of 42.75" to 70.25"
• For added safety, do not practice squats alone. Always have a spotter.

Recommended Max Weight
• Load= 350 lbs
*included bar weight

Manufacturers Warranty
• 3 Year Frame
• 1 Year Popper Pin

 mage shown with Bumper Plate Pros (BPP-10, BPP-35, BPP-45, BPP-55), Olympic Bar (OB-86-1500) and MB-6 Bar Pad. Items not included in the purchase of BD-8 Squat Stands and must be purchase separately.

The BD-8 Valor Fitness Independent Squat Stands are independent from each other and can be "nested" for space saving storage options.

Uprights adjustable height from 42.75" to 70.25" with 16 intervals (holes are 2" apart) to find that perfect squat height. Adjustments secured both by bar latch and popper pin at bottom.

Adjustable Safety Bar catch adjustable from 22" to 30" with 6 intervals with popper pin.

Improved base support adjusts front to back from 20.5" to 24.25" with 3 intervals. The new design features a wider, more stable base when squating a heavier load. Adjustments secured by M10 x65 Bolt and nuts.

Added plate storage peg features provides storage for unused plates while lifting as well as a grounded, stable support base for the uprights. Storage peg measures 7" long x 1" (standard peg).

Safety bar catch secures bar to rack in the event of uneven weight (while changing out your plates). Prevents bar from flipping up- dismounting from uprights and causing injury or damage to equipment.

Adjustable Safety Bar with popper pin allows user to unload bar with plates in the event that he/she cannot return bar to top of uprights and latch. Adjustable 6 intervals- place at lowest height in squat. Measures 1.75"w surface area by 2.5" high.

Racks weigh 25lbs each / combined weight of 50lbs

Recommended Use Load: 350lbs including bar weight.

2" x 2" Solid Steel Frame

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