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Valor Fitness Lat Pull Attachment for BD-11 - Fitness Gear


Valor Fitness Lat Pull Attachment for BD-11

$ 243.00
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Recommended Max Weight
• Load - 250 lbs

Shipping Specifications:
• Carton 1: 63"L x 18"W x 8"H
* Weight: 50 lbs

Manufacturers Warranty
• 3 Year Frame against manufacturers defect in workmanship
• 2 Year Cable under recommended max weight load
• 1 Year Pulley / 1 Year Hardware
Cable Travel Distance: 60"

Compatible with:
MB-20 20" Lat Pull
Assembled Dimensions: 84"
15" off the back of the rack


You asked and we listened! As on the BD-7, we have add the Lap Bar addition to the upcoming BD-11L design change. This design change includes a pad covered bar to keep your mid-section secure while using the lat bar exercise.

The BD-11-L Valor Fitness Lat Pull attachment transforms the BD-11 Power Rack into a complete home gym.
By adding the Lat Pull, you increase the variety of exercises to Lat Pulls, Tricep, Upright Rows, Curls and Leg Extensions just to name a few.
Easy to attach.
2" x 2" tubing. 12 gauge steel.

To answer a question about the length of the cables:

The amount of “travel distance” is 60”.

The avg. distance from your elbow (your pivot point for your tricep exercise) and your palm (where you would grip the bar) is approx. 13”. If you do the exercise correctly then the bar will “travel” 26” from start to stop. The unknown question is where the bar starts!

60” – 26” = 34” extra.

Now comes the question how far will you pull the bar down from the top of the unit to be in your starting position. You have approx. 36” of extra travel to find your starting position.

However, let’s say you want to do the Tricep exercise on your knees (which makes it harder due to you have less of your body weight being used for leverage). Then you have 36” to pull down. If the distance of travel starts to max out then you can use an accessory chain to minimize the distance required to move the bar to its “starting position”.

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