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Valor Fitness Power Rack - Fitness Gear


Valor Fitness Power Rack

$ 550.00
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Features / Benefits:
• 4 Solid Steel Chrome adjustable weight bar supports.
• 2 Solid Steel Squat Safety bars
• 4 standard 1" plate storage pegs 8"L
• 17 variable positions for bar supports ranging in height from 18” to 68”
• Solid Steel Chrome pull up bar with knurled grips
• Lat Pull Sold Separately BD-11L

• Optional accessories also available separately

Recommended Max Weight Loads:
• front/exterior of cage - 650lbs
• inner cage - 1000lbs
• lat pull - 250lbs

Ship Dimensions:
• box 1 size/weight: 86" x 15" x 7" / 97 lbs
• box 2 size/weight: 49" x 15" x 8" / 66 lbs

Manufacturers Warranty:
• 3 Year Frame
• 2 Year Cable

Assembled Dimensions:
• inner: 33"deep x 43.5"w x 80"h
• outer: 37" deep x 48"w x 87"h
• w lat pull outer: 59" deep x 49"w x 87"h

User Space Required:
• 82" deep x 86"w x 87"H
with plates, bar and bench


 Valor Fitness BD-11 Hard Power Rack

Full assembled dimensions show below along with detail images of the rack.scroll down

Frame constructed of 2.5" x 2.5" 12g steel tubing and offers a 3 year manufacturers warranty against defects in workmanship. 5 rubber base caps encase each foot of the frame (4 on main part of unit, 1 on lat pull station) and provide added stability while protecting your flooring. Welded face plates at rear of frame base provide support and stability to frame under heavier weight loads and while doing lat pull exercises. Frame design now includes 4 plate storage pegs to the rear of the rack (2 each side), standard 1" measuring 8" in length. The plate storage pegs can also accommodate 2" Olympic Plates.

BD-11 Hard Power Rack includes 2 solid, steel bars that run front to back through the frame. While these bars provide added stability and strength to the function of the frame itself, they are also utilized as a safety bar catch during both the squat function and bench press function. Easy to adjust by just a simple twist, the bars should be placed just below your squat or bench press threshold in the even that you cannot return the bar back to resting top position. This safety mechanism can catch the bar and allow the user to safely exit the rack without injury. Example shown in video below. These safety bar catches can easily hold more than an Olympic bar.

The Chin-Up / Pull-Up Station: Constructed of solid steel, chrome finished. Triple bolted to frame with face plates for stability during workouts. Knurled in two positions for better grip. See demonstration in video below.

 This hard power rack also includes 4 chrome bar holders, which may be adjusted either inside or outside of the rack to any of the 16 varying optional adjustment points. Adjusts with the same ease of the safety bar catch, just twist into lock position on the frame and use for bench press or squat function. Winter 2014 introduced an optional, available separately, short bar holder (sold as a pair) and safety bar extensions (sold as a pair) for a more aesthetic design for the existing BD-11 included accessories. see below for details on our Valor Fitness MB-G and MB-H.

BD-11L Lat Pull available separately, allows user to utilize a wide array of exercises from within the rack, including standing curls, standing upright rows, seated rows and leg extensions (with proper accessory attachments, available separately). The BD-11L includes a 20" standard top knurled bar with rubber grips, 20" low standard knurled bar with rubber grips and chain. Upgraded lat pull accessories and bars also available, separately.

Lat Pull design allows for either 1" standard plates or 2" Olympic plates on a 1" standard peg with spring clips (1 peg / 1 spring clip each side). Lat Pull carriage max weight load 250lbs (weight tested). Cables offer a 2 year warranty.

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