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Valor Fitness CA-2 Speed Bag Platform with Bag - Fitness Gear


Valor Fitness CA-2 Speed Bag Platform with Bag

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The CA-2 Valor Speed Bag Platform was made with the thought process of how a speed bag platform should work.

The reinforced steel tubes that support the platform allows all of the energy to be transferred back through the platform to the speed bag while in use. The adjustable worm drive mount allows each user to locate the specific height for their desired level of performance. Just a few turns will allow enough of an adjustment to be felt in your arms and shoulders during your workout. The mounting brackets allow you to mount the platform onto a solid object like a cement wall or studs in wall. The 360 degree rotating swivel allows the boxer the speed and efficiency that is required in the boxing arena. (Comes with Bag and Pump)

• Steel frame measuring: 2” X 2”, 2” X 1”
• 1" High density wood platform 23" in diameter
• Protective platform ring guard around entire platform
• 13" height adjustment worm drive
• 360 degree chain link bearing swivel
• Solid steel chrome guide shafts
• 4 locking screws for secure platform positioning
• Assembly is required
• Comes with mounting bolts for both cement and wood mounts.
• Speed Bag NOW INCLUDED along with Pump!!

• Carton size/weight: 30" x 26" x 10" / 69 lbs
• Assembled dimensions: 32" x 20" x 31"
• User Dimensions: 4' x 3' x 7'

Manufacturers Warranty
• 3 Year Frame
• 1 Year Swivel
• 1 Year Wheel Crank

Don't just pummel the bag. "A great boxer has to have focus, coordination, power, speed, and endurance," says Michael Olajide Jr., a former championship middleweight boxer. To help you hone your skills, we've tapped the country's top fighters to act as your corner men. Hit these workouts to improve your staying power. 

The Workouts

1. UFC Power Punches

Your coach: Frank Mir, Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight

Whether you're facing Wanderlei Silva in a cage match or a 75-pound bag in your basement, the same rules apply: "Once you're warmed up, you should be throwing each punch at full blast," says Mir, a former UFC heavyweight champ. He uses this demanding six-round routine to build mental and physical tenacity.

Grow your intensity: Clock each round at 3 minutes, resting 1 minute between rounds. With each round, you'll add one punch to your sequence.
Punches per round:
1. Warm-up. Strike the bag at 50 percent with a variety of punches
2. Up your power to full strength and launch jabs
3. Jab, throw a cross, and repeat
4. Jab, cross, hook, repeat
5. Jab, cross, hook, uppercut, repeat
6. Jab, cross, hook, uppercut, body punch, repeat

2. LAPD Precision Punch

Your coach: Tim Collins, trainer, Los Angeles Police Dept. Arrest and Control

The perfect pop is built on posture and bone alignment, not fist strength. Use this routine to refine your form.

Set the stance: Leading with your non-dominant leg, position your feet shoulder-width apart, with the toe of your dominant foot in line with the heel of your non-dominant foot. Your head extends over your shoulders, and your shoulders over your hips. Your knees are slightly bent.

Throw the blow: Step forward with your lead foot and extend your non-dominant arm so that your shoulder, elbow, wrist, and front two knuckles are in alignment. Your punch and your foot should land at the same time. Follow up with a cross, regaining with your rear foot the distance you took in your first step. Then come back to your original stance.

Connect the punches: Repeat the sequence, shadowboxing for 3 minutes. Then do another 3-minute round of the same sequence, this time on a heavy bag. That's 1 set. Complete 3 sets, building speed each time. "When you master the strike, it should feel like you're snapping your target with a wet towel," says Collins. Rest 1 minute between each exercise.

3. Middleweight Lightning Hands

Your coach: Michael Olajide Jr.

Shadowboxing allows you to rack up high reps without the resistance of a bag to slow your punches. "You'll tone your shoulders, back, and core, which will help you throw faster punches," Olajide says.

Hit on beat Play five songs that have strong rhythms and last 3 to 4 minutes each. On every fourth beat (count out loud to keep yourself on track), unleash one of the punch combinations below, and then bring your hands back to your starting stance before the next beat. The shifting tempo of some tracks may require you to punch continuously until the song slows.

Combos for each song:
1. Left jab, left jab, right cross
2. Right cross, left jab, right uppercut
3. Left body punch, right body punch, left uppercut
4. Right uppercut, right cross, left hook
5. Right cross, left hook, right hook

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