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Valor Fitness CA-9 Speed Bag Swivel - Fitness Gear


Valor Fitness CA-9 Speed Bag Swivel

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The CA-9 Valor Fitness Swivel is a 360 degree chain link bearing swivel that fits the Valor Fitness
CA-2 Speed Bag Platform
CA-53 Speed Bag Boxing Platform
CA-10 Speed Bag Boxing Platform Mini

NOTE: Our CA-9 swivel is not typically interchangeable with other platforms, so we cannot guarantee that our CA-9 threading will fit into an alternate, not Valor Fitness platform.

The swivel threading diameter of the component that screws into the mounting is 42 millimeters. The mouth opening of the face plate that goes around the swivel is 40.5 millimeters. See images below.

Since these cannot usually interchange with other platforms, if you are interested in purchasing our Valor CA-9, you could simply use a drill and mount it to your existing platform. We however, cannot guarantee that the holes will match up. Our face plate has a total of 4 holes around it in a North, East, South, West compass pattern. The holes across from each other, East to West and North to South, are 2 ½ inches from center to center. See picture #3.

The holes that are next to each other, North to East, are 1 ¾ inches away from each other from center to center. See picture #4.

If the holes on the face plate do not match up with the existing holes in your platform, just twist the face-plate until you can find fresh wood on the platform to drill into, so you don’t create a bigger hole that might create an un-sturdy hold. If you do not have any space on your existing platform, we have those available as well, it is our CA-50 2” platform.

We highly recommend purchasing multiple speed bag swivels for easier and faster speed bag change out.


Features / Benefits
• 360 degree chain link bearing
• High Grade Stainless Steel
• Mounting Face Plate
• Screw on Swivel Head
• Hole to hole is 1 ¾”
• Face plate is 2 7/8” across.
• Master Chain Link Clip for easy exchange of bags

• Diameter of inner ring (mouth opening): 41mm / 1.61417"

Shipping Dimensions
• 1lb / 5"L x 5"W x 5"H

UPC: 844192001298

Manufacturers Warranty
• 1 Year Swivel

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