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Valor Fitness VFX Training Straps ED-17


Valor Fitness VFX Training Straps ED-17

$ 68.75

The Valor Fitness VFX Home Suspension Training Kit is the ultimate body weight training tool. The straps harness your body weight, allowing you to perform a variety of resistance exercises. You'll get the complete strap kit plus a convenient mesh storage bag. Install the Valor Fitness VFX Straps in seconds right into your doorway - no hardware required. Get a total-body workout at home or on the road with the Valor Fitness VFX Straps.

Suspension training utilizes the exerciser’s weight plus the force of gravity. A certain level of strength and joint stability is required to keep the body moving with perfect technical form and perfect form in general is a rarity.

There are a bazillion exercises you can do with suspension straps, including stretches and balance/coordination drills, Don't be afraid to experiment and get creative.

UPC: 844192005258
Ship Dimensions: 3lbs / 10"L x 9"W x 4"H

(from top hook) 47"handle/52"strap - 71"handle/76"strap length
5" wide handle
1.5"w strap throughout
3"x5" door anchor / 13" L strap
34.5" L bar strap / hook


-Resistance training system utilizes your own body weight
-Perfect for a variety of total-body exercises
-Installs in your doorway within seconds - no hardware required
-Effective for use at home or on the road
-Adjustable strap system for various heights and levels of resistance
-Color: Red and Black with Valor Fitness VFX detail
-Includes anchor hook/strap for use on power rack or other rack systems.
-Mesh storage bag included for convenience.

VFX Strap Kit Includes:
Strap System with handles/ foot loops (adjustable)
Door anchor / strap
Bar strap
Mesh storage bag

Perfect for home or travel use!

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